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Network Security – Safeguard Your System

Internet and computer network hacking has become very big business. Every business wants to know what the competition is doing. What better way than to steal business plans?


Believe it or not, the use of smart phones and tabs that are permitted to wirelessly communicate with your computer network has only made the task of stealing data easier.

While large businesses have the IT resources to implement State-of-the-Art Computer and Network security, it is neither economically viable nor practical for small and medium sized business to recruit full-time network, computer and data security experts. Their best option is to outsource their data security to the best in the field.

Computer Data Security Protection

Partner with BELNIS to never again be concerned about former business partners misusing their login privileges or about hackers gaining access to sensitive data.

Be secure in the knowledge that your IT data and computer network is under constant and alert protection of the best data security experts who employ protection that is customized to your business.

Never again will you have to try and understand computer gobbledygook from a poorly written manual to setup firewalls that if done incorrectly, could jeopardize your entire business.

Never suffer hacker induced data corruption.

BELNIS can implement custom data security plans that include 24 x 7 remote data backups and reinstalling new hardware.

Over the years, we’ve noticed increasing incidences of inexplicable data corruption. In most cases, the data corruption was the result of Trojans and computer virus deliberately let loose by hackers in an effort to obfuscate their digital footprint and also causes maximum damage.

With the BELNIS computer data security plan, we not only secure your computer network against hacking, we also backup everything.

We regularly conduct data fire drills that assume your business has lost all data in an incident. We then setup new hardware, install software and add the data from the backup.

Despite all security, if your business suffers data corruption or data lose for any reason whatsoever, BELNIS
can reinstall all software and computer data leading almost the moment the data was lost.

Features included in the BELNIS Computer Data Security Protection Service:

No gimmicky software – just real-time monitoring and reporting to ensure you’re aware of any suspicious activity. 

Our computer data security protection includes multiple layers of security protection.

We include off­site logs that are forensically secure. Think of it as digital trail retention. Even if a hacker were to erase all your logs in an effort to wipe hacker trails, BELNIS has them.

Creation of an Acceptable Use policy that is customized to suit your business and one that does not put hurdles to data access and use by genuine staff and authorized persons.

BELNIS offers optional monitoring of websites, internet searches, and files accessed by all or designated staff members.

BELNIS does not just implement, we also stress test implemented computer data security for loop holes.

With phishing being the newest threat, BELNIS provides full e-mail security that also includes junk filtering. 

We install military strength Firewall that includes intrusion detection, advanced malware and anti-virus protection.