In the case of a tragic, unexpected disaster, would you and your employees be able to easily retrieve your Company’s data from a backup? Are you 100% confident that it will be there and usable? Are you prepared to encounter such a calamitous realization at a time of utter chaos? If not, then connect with BEL Network Integration and Support for best backup solutions and services.  Gain the 100% confidence that your data is secure, accessible and usable in a crisis.

With BELNIS, your data will remain safe and secure as we will install a professionally configured encrypted backup systems which ensure that all of your business data is safe and securely backed up. BELNIS ensures that your data is protected at two geographically diverse sites. So, there is no way that offsite backup locations of the diverse offices will be affected.

Additionally, the data is secured by military strength encryption which provides ultimate protection from any chances of data theft.

You can’t anticipate every disaster:

A devastating fire

A devastating flood

Man-made threats of cybercrime.

Simple human error.

Benefits of Offsite Backup & Data Security Services

Regular backups of all the IT systems.

Backups saved in the cloud keeping important data safe.

Backup monitoring and testing to ensure that every backup is performed correctly.

Planning and strategy focused on quickly reacting to any disaster.

“The ability to remotely service most of our needs and the back up of our data.”

Almost every time we have needed assistance they were able to have it taken care of remotely with minimal interruption of business. Quick service, minimal interruption of operations, back up of data in case of loss.

Diane Chiasson, Office Manager
Pembelton Forest Products

Yes, I’m ready to start protecting my business data today.