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Offsite Backup & Data Security Services

A tornado, other natural or man-made disaster could rip through your office any
day anytime. 


If this happens, then after the disaster would you ind those thumb drives or CDs that your employees were using for data backups? And even if you do find some, will they be useable?

Stop relying on unreliable methods of data backup

Why wait to learn a lesson until after struck by a disaster? When disaster strikes, computer hardware can be replaced the morning after but not your data. This is when most businesses come
to realize how priceless their data was.

BELNIS can install powerful, offsite data backup systems that ensure your data is always backed up and always safe. The BELNIS Offsite data backup means your data is backed up at two geographically diverse locations that are hundreds of miles apart and hundreds of miles away from your business. Unless there was a global catastrophe, the chances of your office and your offsite backup locations being hit at the same time are miniscule.

Further, the data not only undergoes military strength encryption, it receives military strength security. Every precaution is utilized to minimize the chances of data theft.

The BELNIS engineers will install state-of-the-art fully configurable offsite data backup software. The offsite backup software utilizes broadband internet and Cloud technology.

Once our offsite data backup software is installed and run, you may at your end, select from daily or weekly
snapshots of the backed-up data. These snapshots are fully selectable and you may browse through, select and view any data you require to view or restore. We offer a point-and-click-to-restore system. Nothing could be simpler.

Should any disaster strike your office, you can rest easy knowing that your data is safe and fully recoverable.