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Why Choose BEL Networks?

We'll Be There For You When You Need Us

BEL Network Integration & Support are experts in computer network design. Whether you have two, or hundreds, of computers and digital devices in your network; you can rely on us to not only do it right, but to also incorporate the latest security standards

Leveraging the support of our partners like HP, Novell, Microsoft and Dell, we can design, install and maintain computer networks that work hand-in-glove with your business processes. BEL Network Integration has a 24-year track record for providing quality solutions to business establishments and government offices throughout Richmond & Tri-Cities area. BEL is also a SWAM vendor certified by the State of Virginia to conduct business with this designation.

Here’s why you should choose BEL Network Integration & Support as your partner in IT:

  1. BEL Network Integration will walk the extra mile for you
  2. To us, it does not matter whether you are a small, medium, or a large business enterprise – we will do whatever it takes to earn your trust and your respect.

  3. We will “bend it” to suit your business requirements
  4. BEL Network will customize its networking solutions to meet your business requirements. We have an experienced team of Microsoft Certified Networking Engineers who consistently rise to every challenge and produce a variety of custom solutions.

  5. Speed when it matters most
  6. Although BEL Network Integration is very proactive in maintaining its client networks to ensure zero down-time, we GUARANTEE a 3-hour response time to your computer emergencies. You’ll never be frustrated trying to get in touch with us when you have a problem and we will do whatever it takes to have your network up and running again in the fastest time possible.

  7. Service as it should be: on-time and within budget – Everytime
  8. We guarantee all projects will be completed on time and within your budget. That way you won’t have to worry about hidden costs, going over budget, or missed deadlines.

  9. Non-invasive performance
  10. We schedule system upgrades and maintenance calls in such a way that minimizes any disturbance or interruption to your business.

  11. “Simple language” does it
  12. No “computer babble”, no technical jargon, no Greek, no gobbledygook. We provide all of our explanations in plain, simple language that everyone understands.

  13. Money Back Guarantee
  14. BEL Network Integration & Support is the ONLY network support company that offers a no-risk, 100% money back guarantee. Hire us to come on site and put an end to your most challenging computer problems. If after our first visit you are not happy with the work we perform, you can cancel your service agreement and we will refund your payment for that day. No risk, no hassles and no obligation. What could be more reasonable than that? No other technical support company will stand behind their work the way we do at BEL Network Integration & Support. We want your business and don’t mind doing what it takes to earn it.

    “Prompt response time and competent personnel. That’s why I’m a loyal customer to Chuck and his team. Even though I am a small business, they make me feel important and treat me like a million dollar account. I don’t know how a lot of this technology stuff works but I do know with Chuck on the job problems get fixed fast and my systems work the way they should. I definitely get the feeling of confidence in BELNIS that I’m in good hands and that I have a solid technology solution in place.”

    Maxine Cholmondeley, Senior Partner,Cholmondeley & Associates, P.C.

    Call us at (804) 796-2631 and it would be our pleasure to schedule a presentation of our Network Support Plans.