BELNIS provides “support BEYOND just managing our IT.”

BELNIS has highly experienced personnel who help us develop products and solutions to advance our goals and objectives. They provide insightful guidance, recommendations and support BEYOND just managing our IT infrastructure. BELNIS is a highly reliable MSP who consistently demonstrates their ability to provide quick, excellent support to keep our business operating.

ADAM O. WOOD – Owner, Custom Metal Fabricators, Inc.

BELNIS already knows us and we needed the security of having a home town company that understands our business.

“BELNIS is able to support us most of the time by remotely accessing our computers and handle it all. You don’t have to do anything, it is a total time saver.”

LYNN BISHOP – General Manager, Central Marketing, Inc.

“BELNIS is not just a provider and we’re the client, it’s a true partnership.”

“Once a year we sit down with BELNIS and plan the upcoming year. We’re able to make financial decisions about programming money and keeping our IT infrastructure up to the appropriate standards to support those programs.”

STEVE BENHAM, CEO – Hopewell Redevelopment & Housing Authority

“Just being able to ask questions in layman’s terms is important.”

“When I would ask other companies, they would act like you’re really stupid and not provide a helpful response. Unlike other providers, I’ve never had any of my staff say BELNIS didn’t help”

FELICIA DANIELS – Executive Director, Progressive Adult Rehabilitation Center, Inc.

“There’s not a problem I’ve had that they couldn’t fix.”

BELNIS is always professional and responsive as well as personable and knowledgeable. They know their stuff. By responsive, I mean if you call or email, they get back to you in a reasonable amount of time. If the problem can’t be fixed over the phone, they come out to my site the same day.”

RANDY REDD – CEO, Virginia Family Services

“Peace of Mind is Everything”

With BELNIS, we have peace of mind. The confidence we have in their abilities to make sure we are always up and running and up to date on all of the latest security concerns are such huge benefits to us. We feel that they truly understand our needs and professionally, immediately and completely deal with any problems that arise. We feel like we have a personal connection and relationship with them, which makes us feel like we aren’t a burden for calling and asking for help. They really pride themselves in providing great services.

COREY WARREN – Owner, Transitional Homecare

“Confidence that our IT needs are addressed, met and that we do not have to worry about them.  Keeping us up-to-date on current needs, threats and vulnerabilities.”

Knowledgeable support team, quick responses.  Ease of contact either through email or phone.  I particularly like that we can deal directly with BEL support team that knows us and our equipment setup.  No lengthy “ticket” generation process, personalized service.

With any issues, the staff works through until resolved.  When we had unusual difficulties with our CC Processing Control Scan compliance, they actually got on the phone with the other company to successfully resolve for us.

Maryann Dominguez – Practice Administrator, Co-Owner, Virginia Center for Spine & Sports Therapy

“That we can get a response within a reasonable time and not feel helpless when these computer issues occur.”

The fact that I and co-workers can email or call to request help with our network and usually get a response back within a reasonable timeframe and to keep our office up to date with technology at an affordable rate.

Responses to employees who work from home and getting help for them with the new log so that our office can offer the benefit of working from home to all employees. At least two of our employees have called and gotten help from home on their home computers and they were successfully able to log in.

Lisa Jones, Certified Public Accountant – A. G. Reese & Associates

We were having some recurring computer issues and we needed someone to come in and solve our problems. We found BEL and they came in and presented their services. We took their support plan and they keep our computers and servers in tip-top shape. We are very satisfied with their service, and they are always available to help us. Their engineers are sharp and no matter what our problems are, they are always able to solve them in record time. Since they took over our office, the problems went away. We don’t have issues like we had in the past, and I am very satisfied with BEL. I am happy to refer them, and it’s great to have them as our IT service provider.

WILLIAM S. NEWSOME, ESQUIRE – Managing Partner, Newsome Law Office PLLC

I like the fact that BELNIS is able to service all of my computer hardware, software and internet needs; this one-stop-shop makes it much easier on us. They don’t mind staying as late as it takes to keep us up and running. Plus, I have peace of mind knowing that our network is well taken care of.

GARY JOHNSON – Vice President, Custom Metal Fabricators, Inc.

The service is fast and efficient. I can always count on Larry and his team to respond to our needs. They set up our network, including our remote offices, and everything runs fine. We don’t have a lot of issues since they started monitoring our equipment but when we do, they are quick in making necessary repairs. They helped us take our office paperless and continue to assist us in making valuable recommendations to help move our business forward. I am glad we have BEL Network taking care of us.

LAVERNE LUMZY – Vice President & COO, Lumzy’s Residential, Inc.

The biggest benefit of working with BELNIS is our offices are set up to be lawful with HIPAA and Federal and State laws –including our emails and offsite work electronics. BELNIS really knows us personally and understands exactly how Legacy Dental needs things to work. The IT staff sets us up to be organized and effective – the phones, computer stations and rooms work systematically as one.  

If you want a team that does your managed services right, tells you the truth, knows your office personally and keeps you up to date on new laws affecting your business and patients, BELNIS is the right managed service provider for you.   

STEPHANIE LAMACK– Practice Leader, Legacy Dental, ChesterVA

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