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Expert Computer Support

Computer Support with a Managed Services Plan (MSP)

A service call to an office without a Managed Services Plan typically takes 2 to 3 times longer than one with 24/7  monitoring & support.  BEL Network Integration & Support understands that time is money in your business and that every second that your computer or networks are down can decrease profits.   When we proactively monitor your networks many potential problems can be avoided before they become costly.

Damages from viruses, or other malware, that can occur within a network that is not adequately monitored or updated can be irreversible and are often devastating to a small business.  With constant changes to technology and daily development of new threats, even small computer networks need ongoing support and security updates from a highly trained consultant.  With over 24 years of providing IT service to Virginia businesses, the network engineers at BELNIS are experts in computer support and network management.

5 Advantages of the BELNIS Managed Service Plan:

  • Expensive repairs and data recovery costs are practically eliminated
  • Faster support due to 24/7 remote monitoring & repair capabilities
  • Faster performance, fewer problems and practically zero downtime
  • Top-level IT support is provided without the cost of hiring a full-time IT manager
  • Fixed monthly invoicing  lets you budget for IT support just like rent or insurance

Our trained consultants will meet with you to help decide which network and computer support options are right for your business based on your priorities, budget, network complexity, business processes, and plans for future growth. Call our office today at 804-796-2631 or toll-free at 888-341-3999 to schedule your free IT consultation.