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disaster data recovery

Business Continuity Planning

5 Actionable Business Continuity Planning Tips

Unlike risk managers, planners for business continuity face a greater challenge. It is their responsibility to ensure that the organization operates smoothly in spite of low resources. The most vital challenges...


Five Common Benefits of Disaster Recovery Planning

Disasters are nothing out of the ordinary; whether natural calamities or something related to business ventures. As regards the latter, most companies have professionals with readiness adept at offering technic...

Business Continuity Planning

Three Neat Ways to Eliminate System Downtime in IT

A system downtime is never a favorable occurrence in the IT. The sheer break in flow often brings out a lot of frustration. Some of the other obvious downsides include loss in productivity, morale shift and at ...


The Need for Small Business Data Recovery Planning

Data recovery is the process with which data can be restored, even if it had earlier been lost, deleted, corrupted or its access has been denied for some purpose. Data recovery is not a matter of losing importa...