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email and spam protection

Email & Spam Protection

Top Tips for Protecting Your Email from Spam and Cyber Criminals

Phishing and spamming have now become so rampant that hardly any user you would find who has not become a victim of email spamming in his life. Therefore, it’s essential that you take the right measures to keep...


3 Greatest Business Security Risks and Ways of Fighting Back

Much like 2014, security breaches made big news all through the last year and despite enhanced general awareness about business security risks, most businesses had little or no measure of tracking sensitive dat...


Effective measures for protecting your email account

Email & Spam Protection Worried about email and spam attempts by moochers? Worried about the distraction and waste of employees’ time to block and mark these attempts as junk or spam … and still miss ...

Email & Spam Protection

Four Internet Security Threats that Dominated Most of 2015

Internet security threats have been as persistent in 2015 as they had been in the previous years. A wide range of cyber threats and data breaches affected all sectors including gaming networks, banks, governmen...