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Small business IT

IT Consulting

What is the Best Way for Small Businesses to Manage IT?

All big companies have their own IT departments to select, install, and maintain technology, train employees, and provide desktop support. However, small businesses lack the necessary resources to manage techno...

Cloud Computing

4 Major Cloud Computing Challenges for Businesses

The world has embraced cloud computing. And there is no looking back. Yet, we stand in the face of a steady barrage of cloud computing challenges that mostly affect small and mid-size business. In order to come...

IT Consulting

5 Must-Ask Questions When Hiring the First IT Support Person for Your Company

Small business owners can attest to the importance of IT support. Your screen freezes when you’re delivering an important client presentation online. Your office Wi-Fi goes haywire. Your system crashes when you...

IT Consulting

Small Business IT: Success Finding Tips for Owners

Owners of small business IT companies often find that traditional business advice fails to produce the best results.  They require tips that don’t mimic the suggestions given to their larger, big-box competitor...