Quantum networks don't exist yet, but breakthroughs are happening everywhere. Amazon Web Services' new project is an example of that. With fiber optic systems nearing their limits, the tech giant is developing a faster and more secure way to transmit data. It is seeking to unlock the full potential of quantum computing and networking through diamonds.

Amazon Partners With De Beers to Create Quantum Networks

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has partnered with diamond minders De Beers to produce lab-grown diamonds. AWS will be using these precious stones to develop its quantum networks.

Quantum networking will be far more secure than today's standard networks. Thanks to a phenomenon called “entanglement,” quantum information is unhackable. Once two quantum bits (or qubits) are entangled, they will mirror each other even if they are far apart. The sender keeps one qubit, and the recipient gets the other which will serve as the key to unlock the encrypted message. The quantum state will collapse if someone tries to intercept the quantum-encoded information.

However, this type of communication is currently only for short distances. Quantum information is fragile, and the slightest disturbance in a fiber optic cable can cause a qubit entanglement to fall out. That is where AWS' diamonds come in. They act as special signal repeaters to help quantum information go the distance. Their hardened form, together with their lenticular property, will stabilize quantum computing.

De Beers will be growing 2 million diamond components annually for AWS. Through the chemical vapor deposition method, the lab-grown diamonds will have a dark border of impurities. These impurities will be mostly nitrogen which will act as signal repeaters. AWS aims to build a link between quantum computers in different parts of the world.

What Does This Mean for Businesses?

Quantum computing and networking are still in their early stages. But they are gaining traction fast. Business owners must be ready to adopt this technological advancement once it becomes available on a larger scale.

One of the most significant advantages of quantum computing for businesses is quick data analytics. Analyzing large amounts of data and solving complex problems will be much easier. Quantum computing can also enhance the abilities of artificial intelligence. That means businesses can be more productive, avoid mistakes, and make better decisions. Given these benefits, it is worth exploring the business value of quantum computing.

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