Here are some BEL Network Integration & Support FAQs to help you decide if our services are a good fit for your business.

Why should I switch to BEL Network Integration & Support from my current IT company?

It’s easy to switch to BEL Network Integration & Support! No other IT services company in Virginia can match our ability to onboard new clients WITHOUT disrupting your workday. If you’re feeling like you’ve outgrown your current IT provider, or you suspect you are not getting the services you are paying for, then we can help solve your computer headaches.

We deliver fast, responsive support from Virginia-based technicians when you need it while never talking over your head. With most support requests resolved on the same day they are opened; you can get back to work faster.

We provide FLEXIBLE contracts (usually 12-month contracts or we also have a 24 and 36-month options with an added discount). You will pay a regular monthly fee; we won’t nickel and dime you with unexpected bills and charges. Any charges above and beyond your monthly bill will be approved by you before incurred.

How does BEL Network Integration & Support Managed IT Services work?


New clients are guided through onboarding usually within 30 days of their contract start date. We work with your designated point of contact to avoid disruptions to your operation.

Technology Alignment.

Once you are onboarded with our agents installed in your environment, backups of your data secured, and IT documentation started, our team will begin your Technology Alignment. We will audit your current technology and licensing to find what is dragging you down and what can be improved to gain efficiency.


At this point, we will work with you to plan and execute projects needed to help you reach your business goals faster. We prioritize these projects with you based on criticality and your budget. We will meet with you quarterly to review your technology, and plan how to position you for greater growth.

Ongoing Support.

Our ongoing services will ensure your business runs smoothly, your data is protected, and your remote workers stay connected. You can count on our responsive Service Desk to be available whenever you need help.

Submitting a service request is easy, simply use one of these methods to open a request with our Service Desk:

  1. Call our Service Desk line to speak to a technician M-F from 8 am – 5:30 pm.
  2. Email our Service Desk to create a ticket 24/7.

On-site Support.

When you need someone in person to help you resolve a computer issue, we’ll be there right away. We give you transparency into everything we are doing to protect your business and any documentation we keep about your company’s network. Typically, our flexible contracts last 12 months.

How large is your staff?

Our staff continues to grow to meet your needs and is dedicated to same-day ticket resolution, they never talk over your head, and they are happy to help.

Unlike our competitors, we never outsource our Service Desk technicians and only hire local Virginia-based professionals.

Do you offer onsite support?

Yes! When our clients need help with something in person, like installing new hardware, we’ll send out one of our local technicians to help them right away. Onsite support is included with two of our three plans to best service your needs.

Do you have a guarantee?

We want you to be completely satisfied with our services. We will do whatever it takes to make you happy. No hassles, no problems. We’ll also give you a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee, if you’re not happy for any reason you don’t pay us a dime!

How much do you charge for IT services?

In general, our agreements last 12 months and you can expect to pay a monthly service and support fee for each user that accesses your company’s network and has an email address.

Because your business is unique, we cannot provide generic pricing here. We work with each business to create a contract that is based on an in-depth evaluation of your company’s computer network, business goals, and level of IT support needed. We offer three primary plans with add-ons available based on your company’s needs.

Getting a quote is easy! Click here to book a free Discovery Call now.

What services do you offer?

We deliver IT services and IT support that includes:

  • 24/7 responsive Service Desk with ticketing system
  • Data backup and recovery
  • Onsite support
  • Setting up new employees
  • Offboarding employees
  • Ongoing proactive support
  • Hardware purchasing
  • Best-in-Class cyber security
  • Security awareness training for employees
  • Secure remote access
  • Excellent CIO advice you can trust
  • Software licensing
  • Password manager
  • Technology that runs smoothly

We offer advanced services like:

  • Advanced cybersecurity services
  • Compliance services such as HIPAA, CMMC, PCI and others
  • Virtual Chief Security Officer (vCSO) services
  • Mobile Device Management service

We assist with projects such as:

  • Moving your server, files, data, email, desktop, and applications off-site (cloud migrations).
  • Moving your office to a new location, helping you plan and set up networking to streamline your technology.
  • Setting up a new VoIP phone system for your office.
  • Setting up or improving wi-fi in your office to ensure everyone gets the access they need.
  • and more!

Why do you charge more than other IT companies?

BEL Network Integration & Support is uniquely positioned to protect small and medium-sized businesses from the latest cybersecurity threats like ransomware, viruses, and other malware. We employ best-in-class cyber security tools to ensure your digital assets are safe.

We continually invest in top cybersecurity tools to monitor and protect your data around the clock, so you can have the benefits of enterprise solutions at an affordable price.

Even with the staggering labor shortage, we never outsource our Service Desk, we only hire local Virginia professionals. Unlike our competitors, we don’t outsource to another country to save money.

We’re dedicated to providing powerful protection against the tsunami of cybercrime aimed at small businesses and providing our responsive local Service Desk with friendly customer service that exceeds expectations. We never sell a client more (or less) than they need and we won’t nickel and dime you.

We also include services that other IT companies charge for that can end up costing you thousands in extra fees! These bonus services include:

  • Third-party vendor management
  • Connection of printers to network and computers
  • IT onboarding of new employees
  • Offboarding terminated employees
  • Assistance with purchasing hardware
  • IT asset management/documentation system
  • Cyber security awareness training for employees

What is your current hourly rate for projects?

Maintaining your network and scaling your services are included in your monthly services and fees. However, when you need to make a significant change or upgrade to your computer network such as a cloud migration, replacing a server, setting up a new location, or configuring a new environment, that is considered a project. Projects are billed separately at a rate of $150/hr. Have a project? Contact us for a quote today!