Our CEO – Larry Martin

IT Services, Security and Compliance Made Simple.

Founded in 1989 as RAM Computer Services and rebranded in 2000 as BEL Network Integration & Support, we are a Complete IT Managed Service Provider for Virginia. Our team of talented professionals work hard to solve your IT nightmares so you can focus on your business.

Here’s why so many businesses depend on BEL Network Integration & Support for their IT needs:

  • Our clients say they appreciate the transparent pricing with no surprise bills. Our process enables them to budget and plan without issue.
  • We receive frequent feedback that we explain things without all the tech-speak, so the client knows what they are getting and why.
  • Our clients tell us our advice and insights support their goals and objectives as well as respecting their budgets.
  • One key word we hear regularly from our clients is “Responsive”, commenting on how quickly we address and resolve their technical issues.
  • We assist clients in becoming compliant with all the latest compliance standards like PCI, HIPAA, NIST and CMMC.

Our custom service packages are designed with your interests in mind while respecting your budget. Discover how easy, stress-free, and affordable quality tech support for your business can be by reaching out to our team today.

IT Buyers Guide


The Central Virginia Executive Guide To IT Support Services And Fees

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide solutions that give you the confidence to grow your business. We are focused on technology and network security so you can be confident that your business is secure, productive and profitable.

IT Buyers Guide


The Central Virginia Executive Guide To IT Support Services And Fees